From hidden eastern forests, to vast western deserts, Photonic Bliss has been in the business of rewriting realities and teaching human senses to experience environments that were once outside possibility. Brian Pinkham and Pete Silva have been pushing the envelope of interactive, full-spectrum lighting and sensory technology for years, in an attempt to awaken human souls to their own divine creative moment.


The Merkabah The Mushroom Patch The Whompilator The Galactivation Station Ostara, Spring Equinox 2010, Denver The Chariot of Infinite Love The Fluoro Forest The Lotus Pod
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VIDEO: First glance at the upgraded whompilator 2.0 synthesizer

Brief Overview:

Synthesthesia is an fully immersive audio-visual environment designed to supplement the default human experience with an entirely new and more enticing version of reality. It consists of a pyramid-shaped computer-based synthesizer capable of producing and tweaking sounds in ways limited only by the imagination and an intelligent digital echo chamber allowing you to interactively modulate and fractalize your voice and any other sounds inside the installation. This is an evolved incarnation of a previous PhotonicBliss installation known as the Whompilator.


You see a lit structure in the distance which looks strangely familiar and yet foreign… perhaps an extraterrestrial gazebo? As you approach and enter, you see that in the center of this structure there is a glowing pyramid. “What is this?” you say out loud. As you speak these words the edges of the pyramid pulse with bright vivid colors in response each word you speak. The structure speaks back to you, “What is this? … Whhaaat iiiiiiissss thhhiiiiissss …. whhhhaaaaaaaat iiiiiisssssssssss thhhhhhhiiiiiiiisssssss…..” echoing the words you say and with each repetition modulating, deforming, and shifting them in full surround sound, sometimes lower pitched, sometimes higher, inside out and all the possibilities in between. You find you are brought to laughter… which is then too echoed and modulated sending you further into laughter. After spending some time singing and playing with your voice in ways you never have before, you notice the outline of a hand printed on the silky face of the pyramid just begging to be touched. As you touch and caress it’s silky skin, it creates otherworldly sounds and lights fully responsive to your touch. Like an alien synthesizer, where each face of the pyramid is a different instrument giving you and your friends the power to instantly create an orchestra of delightful extraterrestrial music.

Each time you come back to this place the sonic environment created is entirely different. Sometimes it’s a serene meditative space, where voice is given a soothing reverb and where the pyramid reproduces the serene sounds of a hang drum. At other times playing the pyramid produces beautiful sounds of nature, birds chirping and the sounds of a babbling brook. And in yet another mode you may find the pyramid creates sensuous sounds as you stroke it’s subtle skin… sounds like Mmmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhhh and Yuuuuuummm. The experiences to be had within this installation are infinite in possibility and are very simple to create and modify on the fly… endless possibilities for fun await!


Height: 12 ft PVC/stretch fabric shade structure

Footprint: 15’x15’

Power Consumption: less than 600W @ 120V AC

Sound System Wattage: 500W, the sound is contained primarily inside the installation only

Illumination: High power pixel LED strips line the pyramid fully illuminating the entire structure

Fire Element: none

MIDI Control Surface: the pyramid is fully functional MIDI controller, so DJs and producers can plug in and immediately use it to control aspects of their live performance.

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