From hidden eastern forests, to vast western deserts, Photonic Bliss has been in the business of rewriting realities and teaching human senses to experience environments that were once outside possibility. Brian Pinkham and Pete Silva have been pushing the envelope of interactive, full-spectrum lighting and sensory technology for years, in an attempt to awaken human souls to their own divine creative moment.

PsyPort 2015 with Carey Thompson

Introducing Psyport, the latest and greatest of Carey Thompson‘s series of amazing activated portals. This is one of the most potently inspiring projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on and in my mind there is no better pairing for my lighting then careys out of this world ancient future designs. This video was shot at both Lightning in a Bottle and Symbiosis Events festivals, music by Kalya Scintilla and edited by Charles Shaw. We also have a limited run of fantastic mini mandalas from the portal available at Carey Thompson. Enjoy!

Galactic Jungle Art Cars

Digital Ambiance and Tesseract brought us on board to do the lighting design and control for this amazing project. A fleet of Galactic Jungle Themed art cars for Burning Man. They were all wirelessly connected which allow lighting to be wirelessly synchronized, creating ripples of light and color that flow from one car to the next. This wireless system also allowed the cars to share and play the same music so the cars could become a mobile yet immersive party. The Lion art car was the centerpiece and housed a DJ booth and equipment and all the other cars would run formations around the Lion car creating a surround sound experience encompassing the crowd. Each car also had an integrated tablet and control panel that would show GPS locations of all the other carts at the event and enabled the carts to message each other (which is actually a challenge as there is no cell service at Burning Man)

New Fiberflies Pixelwhips

We just released our brand new LED whip called the FIberflies Pixelwhip!

The fiberflies create a multi dimensional light show, sensually snaking and dancing across your body while simultaneously enveloping you in a cloud of playful pixie points of bright light.

For more info click Here.

Helianthus Enormae, the giant sunflower

This was a fantastic collaboration with Chad ‘fez’ Gaetz.
His giant sunflower sculpture Helianthus Enormae, just got a massive ‪‎PhotonicBliss‬ programming upgrade and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out

Infinite Flower

It’s been a while since I have done a project solely for the sake of it existing. Needless to say, I’m thrilled at how it turned out

Infinite Flower from PhotonicBliss on Vimeo.

This piece is available for purchase, please contact for more info

Cirque du Soleil Club LIGHT upgrade

This installation was a collaboration with Greco Decor for Club LIGHT in Las Vegas, a night club owned by Cirque du Soleil. The original installation was completed about a year and a half ago and we just finished a major update to the system. It is now completely controlled via an iPad running a Lemur OSC interface, effects, parameters, and colors can be manipulated on the fly. The interface was designed to allow the club to easily and quickly create a vibe specific to the event/client they are hosting in their space. The is done by allowing for easy color palate creation/manipulation to match corporate/holiday colors as well as on the fly effect creation and manipulation.

Infinity Mirror Hallway for Club LIGHT by Cirque du Soleil from PhotonicBliss on Vimeo.

New and Improved Fiberflies Whips

Fiberflies magic

FiberFlies Fiber Optic Light dance toy (previously The Electron Cloud)

The fiberflies create a multi dimensional light show, sensually snaking and dancing across your body while simultaneously enveloping you in a cloud of playful pixie points of bright light. Sold individually.

New Features for FiberFlies version 2.0:
– Smooth swivel: our 2.0 design allows full 360 degree motion! This enables a whole new way to play: creating swirling helixes of pure galactic magic! All the ways you played with our last version flow smoother.
– A brighter product: each point is brighter and there are more of them.
– Better Fibers: more fibers give you a more substantial feel. Higher quality fiber makes them more durable: less tangle, smoother play.

Other details:
– 1 year warranty
– Runs on 3 AAAs – 3 alkaline batteries included per FiberFly.

NOTE: We generally recommend rechargeable batteries, and you can use rechargeable NiMHs with your FiberFlies. However this version has not been optimized for rechargeables and will run slightly brighter with disposable alkaline batteries, which have a slightly higher voltage.

DO NOT use Li-ion AAA batteries! They have 3x the voltage and will destroy the FiberFlies light unit!

for any questions or comments email us at
for any warranty related questions please contact us at

FiberFlies Version 2 Release from Photonic Bliss on Vimeo.

Enchanted Forest and the Flower of Life

Enchanted Forest Flower of Life (stacked) from PhotonicBliss on Vimeo.

We gust got back from what is hands down our favorite festival… Enchanted Forest. It is a small and intimate gathering with a strong emphasis on dance, healing, transformation, and overall just taking good care of yourself and your body. We were brought on to do a major Lighting upgrade for the Enchanted Forest dance floor centerpiece, a Giant glowing Flower of Life Sculpture which is normally hung over the dance floor to illuminate all of the dancers. Due to an unexpected venue change and lack of tree infrastructure for hanging the flower was not able to be suspended in the air this year, so instead, we broke it up into 7 individual seed of life pieces and surrounded the dance floor with them.

Burning Man StarPort 2.012 Lighting collaboration with Carey Thompson

We had the infinite pleasure of getting to do a lighting design collaboration with Visionary Artist Carey Thompson on his Honorarium Project for the Burning Man Center Camp.

Starport 2.012 Burning Man 2012 Center Camp Portal from Photonic Bliss on Vimeo.

Acura ILX Hydrid LED and Projection Mapping Installation

Resonate Creative Labs and PhotonicBliss teamed up again, this time to create an amazing installation for Acura’s ILX Hybrid premiere along with their Promotional tour with Indie Rock band Metric. Together with a multinational team of brilliant minds we created stunning fusion of art and technology embedding LEDs and projectors seamlessly into the frame of the ILX to create a 360° digital media surface with live sound reactive lighting.

Projection Mapped/LED Acura ILX Installation featuring Metric from Photonic Bliss on Vimeo.